Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency

We offer a full range of business solutions designed to help both companies and their creditors. Our services include the following:

Corporate Proposals

Formal and informal proposals to defer, restructure or compromise a company’s debt and get back onto a sound financial footing. For details see Corporate Proposals.

Corporate Receiverships

Both private and court appointed receivership appointments intended to protect, preserve or sell a company’s assets or to carry on the business.

Corporate Bankruptcies

Appointments as trustee in bankruptcy resulting in orderly liquidations of assets and fair distribution of proceeds. For details see Corporate Bankruptcies.

Viability Studies

Consulting engagements designed to help lenders assess the viability of new or existing businesses, identify lending risks and provide support in implementing recovery or work out plans.


Provide cost-effective and timely advice to lenders to help assess the financial status and affairs of a troubled business during self-directed liquidations or turnarounds.

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