Bankruptcy Kootenay Region, BC

Are you dealing with money problems? – G. Slocombe & Associates Inc., a Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm operating in the Kootenay region, has been helping residents of the Kootenay region find solutions to their debt problems since 1998. The purpose of our business, and this site, is to help those located in the Kootenay region in dealing with their financial problems. If you are looking for information on filing a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy in the Kootenays, or if you are seeking financial advice and want to hear about your options in dealing with harassing calls from creditors, wage garnishments, or just with the continued stress about your debt situation – you have come to the right place.

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Our bankruptcy office serving the Kootenay region

To arrange for a free consultation with one of our professionals or just to ask a question about bankruptcy in Kootenay, please contact our office toll free at 1-877-421-2288 or by email at

Free Case Evaluation is yet another way to contact us online: You can explain us your situation and send us any questions you might have by filling in this simple form, and we will get back to you with our feedback on your options and with answers to your questions. We will contact you in the 24 hours after we hear from you, either by phone or by email (as you prefer it).

The team at G. Slocombe & Associates Inc. is here to listen and to provide you with a financial solution that will work for you. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee serving the Kootenay region will analyze your situation, and then explain to you all your options and how each of them would affect you, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the one that is best for you.