One day you are squeaking by with your finances and then something comes along…

It happens to tens of thousands of Canadians every day – so you are not alone.

One of the first places people look for help are among ‘Credit Counselling’ services.

Some of these services are ‘non-profit’ societies and it sounds like they would be unbiased, independent and a great place to start your research.

There is one catch – they only offer credit counselling, that’s all they do. There is a temptation if you sell hammers that everyone who walks into your store will want or need a hammer. You may actually need a screwdriver.

Credit counselling services are not required to advise you of all your options… and they may not even have the professional qualifications to provide advice outside of their credit counselling service. They are not required to have a license from the federal government and are therefore not subject to government regulation or oversight.

Credit counselling services also lack any ability to provide you protection from your creditors. This means they can’t stop collection agency phone calls and letters. Also even though they do not have the power to bind all your creditors in a debt settlement arrangement – they may still charge large up-front fees for their services.

Should you opt for their debt settlement, you should be aware that this does not stop collection agency phone calls or wage garnishment.

You may not get the help you need and you can waste precious time and money dealing with a company or organization that still gets paid whether your problem is solved or not. This doesn’t sound fair, does it?

On top of all this main assumption underpinning these Credit Counselling services is that you can and will repay the total amount owed.

As honorable as this intention is, it might not actually be feasible or realistic for you. You may be too deeply in debt to be able to repay the full amount. So now what?

If you are not sure of what sort of tool you might need, it’s a good idea to visit a tool store, a place where you can find the widest range of tools. Then with a little expert advice, choose the one that will work best for your particular problem.

The equivalent to a tool-store in the area of debt-help are the services of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, LIT for short.

LITs offer the widest range of debt solutions available in Canada. They are licensed by the Canadian government and must abide by a very strict set of professional guidelines. The license obliges them to help you find the most suitable solution to your debt problems.

In other words, they are the safest pair of hands for helping you deal with your debt problems.

You can contact our office and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with a LIT to-day.

Call 1-877-421-2288 and begin the journey back to financial health to-day.